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How To Care For Your Infrared Sauna

If not properly cared for, your   infrared sauna   can harbor a variety of bacteria, mold, and/or fungi in the floorboards or seats. By implementing an effective maintenance plan, you can keep your sauna sanitary. Basic care and cleaning for your Infrared Sauna 1. Do not paint or stain the wood of the sauna. Artificial finishes on the sauna can cause the wood surface to become much hotter than normal and allow fumes to escape from the wood treatment. Artificial treatments may also soften the wood and prevent proper ventilation. To remain effective, the wood of your  infrared sauna  needs to “breathe.” 2. While sweat is a natural byproduct of any great sauna experience, it can cause discoloration and staining on the surface of your infrared sauna due to a buildup of body oils, as well as the expulsion of toxins from your body during sauna use. One of the easiest ways to minimize staining is to lay a towel down on the bench and backrest, and a floor matt on the floorboards. This will cat


  1. Reduction of Stress and Anxiety Sauna  devotees frequently attribute stress  relief as the primary reason they attend the sauna many times per week. Stress levels naturally reduce when a person enters a warm, peaceful environment. A sauna's calming qualities make it the ideal setting for clearing one's mind and simply relaxing. In today's hectic environment, it's reasonable to say that nearly everyone might benefit from some extra quiet time and stress relief on a daily basis. One of the most effective strategies to make stress reduction a regular habit is to have a cedar sauna at home. Aside from the stress-relieving environment of a sauna, there are a number of other advantages to being in the warm climate. Muscles relax, blood flow improves, and endorphins are released in the body, for example. The benefits of essential oils like eucalyptus are replicated by these "feel good" compounds. As a result, several saunas advise the use of these oils for addi