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How a cedar sauna differs from a bathhouse

There are not as many differences as one might think. Russian bathhouses and Finnish saunas were traditionally used for recreation and replaced bathrooms in places where it was impossible to install them. In tsarist Russia and later, public baths were much less luxurious than Sandunov's, but they allowed the inhabitants to keep themselves relatively clean. And in Finland, until the 1940s, many children were born in the sauna - it was often the most hygienic place on the grounds and allowed to carry out the "shameful" procedure away from the eyes of men, as was then thought necessary.  Nowadays, cedar saunas and baths may consist of only two rooms: a locker room and the steam room itself - but there must be a separate room for washing, if not a different room, at least a shower nearby. The main thing in the bath and the sauna is the process of heating, which is achieved in a slightly different way. In the Finnish sauna, though, the temperature is high (about 80 degrees,

The benefits of sauna for the human body. Sauna after fitness: benefit or harm

Scientists have repeatedly proved the  benefit of the sauna .  Such a helpful pastime has recently almost superseded the traditional Russian bath. However, many people, especially athletes, have doubts about whether to visit the sauna after training. To begin with, let's analyze the general effect of such a procedure on the body. Cedar sauna , undoubtedly, strengthens the body. Temperature changes promote immunity, hardening and improving the general state of health. As a result, a person becomes resistant to various infectious diseases. A trip to the sauna is often accompanied by the application of essential oils, massage sessions, and aromatherapy. The active components of various substances easily penetrate through the dilated pores and positively affect the skin and the body as a whole.  So, the health benefits of sauna: Infections are eliminated. Strengthens the immune system. Regularly going to the sauna dramatically reduces the risk of cancer. Toxins of all kinds are remove

The round bathhouse and its features

Lovers of enjoying the steam more and more often give preference to round baths. However, it should be noted that this form is not new, as many nations have long accepted to make steam rooms in the form of barrels. In addition, the round bath can be made in the form of a dome. Below we will consider why such forms are attractive and what their features are. Barrel Sauna General information The form of a barrel has not only Finn sauna but also Japanese ofuro, in addition, often in the form of barrels made and Russian baths. But if the Finnish and Russian barrel baths are just an architectural form, the Japanese ofuro are large containers filled with warm water. These types of steam rooms differ not only by the principle of steam formation, but also by way of taking water procedures. If in the Russian and Finnish baths is traditional dousing or dipping in cool water, in the ofuro they are wiped with tissues. Of course, time dictates its requirements, so in today's baths, more often