The round bathhouse and its features

Lovers of enjoying the steam more and more often give preference to round baths. However, it should be noted that this form is not new, as many nations have long accepted to make steam rooms in the form of barrels. In addition, the round bath can be made in the form of a dome.

Below we will consider why such forms are attractive and what their features are.

Barrel Sauna

General information

The form of a barrel has not only Finn sauna but also Japanese ofuro, in addition, often in the form of barrels made and Russian baths. But if the Finnish and Russian barrel baths are just an architectural form, the Japanese ofuro are large containers filled with warm water.

These types of steam rooms differ not only by the principle of steam formation, but also by way of taking water procedures. If in the Russian and Finnish baths is traditional dousing or dipping in cool water, in the ofuro they are wiped with tissues.

Of course, time dictates its requirements, so in today's baths, more often used for washing the shower. This explains the increased popularity of tub baths with showers.


This type of steam room has two significant advantages:

  • Compactness;
  • Original design. Although bathhouses are usually built at the end of the plot, this stylish structure becomes its decoration.
  • The steam room heats up quickly, literally for 20 minutes, the space can warm up to 90 degrees.
  • It is much cheaper to build such a bathhouse than conventional construction.

Most often in our country, there are Russian round barrel baths. Depending on the owners' capabilities, their taste, and needs, such designs can have different sizes - from a small barrel for two to an impressive size bath, which can accommodate a friendly company.

Most often, the layout in such steam rooms contains locker rooms, a pre-bath, a washing room, and the steam room itself. An improved version can have a spacious and comfortable space for rest adjacent to the pool and even an additional terrace. The latter in the warm season becomes a different place to relax.

Some owners build barrel baths so spacious and comfortable that they can be used as tiny guest houses. But, of course, the price of such a project is much higher than a simple, compact bath.

Project of a barrel bathhouse

If you decide to develop drawings of a barrel bath with your own hands, it is necessary to provide for many different factors:

  1. Good insulation;
  2. Waterproofing;
  3. The device of the furnace - can be electric or wood-fired. Often use cast-iron round stoves for baths.
  4. Effective ventilation;
  5. Additional equipment;
  6. Drainage system;
  7. Lighting;
  8. Other points as desired.

Material for the sauna

As for construction materials, water-resistant species of wood are traditionally used, for example:

Separately, we should say about cedar, which is considered the "king of the forest world." The healing properties of this tree have been noted since antiquity. For example, Bath-boxes made of this material improve metabolism in the body, have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, have a healing effect on wounds and burns.


For lovers of steam and unusual design, a round-shaped bath is an excellent option. In addition, the techniques of this shape are functional and, as mentioned above, have many advantages and have healing properties (learn here what a Turkish bath is).

For more information on this topic, see the video in this article.


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