10 tips for cleaning your infrared Cedar sauna

7 tips for cleaning your infrared sauna

infrared sauna
Your infrared sauna is a moist, hot environment that comes into contact with skin. It's important to clean regularly so you can avoid unpleasant odors and maintain the health of your Sauna room
10 simple ways to keep it fresh: 

  1. Cleaning before use- place all prepping materials on the table or floor near the front entrance (soap dish/paper towels). Leave these items out until needed; do not store any cleaning supplies in areas where they will accumulate sweat stains from other patrons’ hands! You may also want to include some liquid hand sanitizer at this time if preferred by those who will be using the machine after themselves during the session(s). We recommend keeping at least one bottle per person present because everyone
  2. Always use the brush when scrubbing with soap and water after each session in order for it be clean enough! You only need 30 seconds or so if you're using your Cedar sauna every day, but a more thorough cleaning should definitely include an hour-long session with either hydrogen peroxide (10%) solution OR vinegar - whichever one suits your fancy best.
  3. For those of us who don't want our wood looking like new again forever: baking soda works too but some people report seeing dark stains on their benches following use; just take care not to let this happen
  4. Cedar Sauna stains are one of my least favorite things about having a sauna. You can lay towels on seats and keep them there, but an alternative would be to buy special cushions for your new Jolly Jumper so that sweat has no chance of ruining it! 
  5. Washing clothes often will help prevent bacteria buildup due to all those sweaty people who use this space before you do - don’t forget about reusing what was already worn into another room too as well since laundry days usually come around quicker than anticipated when living with two active boys like us doers.)
  6. Want fresh air inside? Try using natural ingredients instead of chemical-based airs fresheners if lavender leaves or lemon juice work best for YOU (we scented our home last
  7. In order to prevent the spread of bacteria and mold, you should disinfect your Cedar sauna. As we mentioned before it’s important that moisture doesn't attract all those pesky bugs! So use a 70% alcohol-based cleaner on any surfaces inside or out that need cleaning - like mats during weekly cleanings with rubber gloves handy just in case (donut eat them).
The benefits of a sauna are many, but it's not only good for your health. It also helps to keep the room you're in clean and fresh with little effort - which can be helpful if we expect our sweat stains or body odor to spoil that experience! The tips above should help get rid of bacteria so all users have an enjoyable time at their


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